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Dazzle White, Dazzle Smile, Smile brite, Vibrant Smile, South Beach Brite, Premier Whitening, Sub World Fit are all scam artist companies. Doesn't matter what name they use or call themselves.

They are fraudulently getting you to try one or two products; with a third product hidden, that you will never receive or use, in the micro-small/end of terms agreement clause. You are totally unaware of this third product/service. Why on earth would I need some fitness ***, when I'm 5'7"- 120 lbs with my own home gym. These people are criminals to say the least.

When calling customer service they all ask you "What fee amount you are calling in reference to", tell you you're to late receive a credit refund; then quickly proceed to give you the phone number for their associated company to handle your other fraudulent charges.

Please pass the word to all your email, myspace, facebook, twitter friends about these criminals; so maybe we can put them out of business if we can't put them in jail. Peace to all but the sinful.

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stay away from scammers!!...

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