I'm relieved that its not just me that has been scammed. I am so furious.

It took me months to cancel the so called "membership". I feel such an ***. Then I found out that I had also been locked into a free superfitworld thing as well and now I have to cancel this also and ring a toll free number.

I did ring my bank and they said that I had to put it in writing to the company but they said they wouldn't change my account details - does anyone how else to ensure they stop taking money out of my bank?

Monetary Loss: $59.

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Cancel your credit card and call billing dispute!!! You have to remember phone number where you ordered Dazzlesmilewhite to cancel and then ship and track product back to them!!!If you haven't kept up with that info that's what the scam is!!!

Because you have to prove all the data to get your refund!!! I can't believe the Better Business Bureau must be in the back room sucking on something!!!

I'm Mad as H*ll!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


I first of all, cancelled my credit card and was reissued a new credit card!!! Then I wrote phone number down when I ordered Dazzlesmile or Dazzlewhite!!!

If not, get number off your credit charge and call to cancel but the Scam is, you have to pay shipping back to them and get a tracking number to verify them getting product back!!!

Then and only then will they send you a refund and that will take at least 10 days from when they decide to take their sorry *** out to the warehouse to see if you returned it to them!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


Cancel your vcredit card and get new card issued and turn them in to the fraud dept. of your credit card!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


Ask the bank for a new card with a new number. That's what I had to do.


Cancel your credit card, I did!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


Dazzlewhite or Dazzlesmile, I just cancelled my credit card!!! Hoping somebody will file a class action suit to get them to stop this clever scam!!! I might have to start a business like this myself!!!

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