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Class Action::::::: Please e-mail :::::::::

For more information about this scam:

Please provide contact information, products you received, $ amount for unauthorized charges, company names used, and a brief description of your experience.

Also I urge you to cancel your credit card, file a dispute with your card company, and report to the FTC (Federal Trade Commission @

IF "DAZZLE WHITE" posts here, ignore their utterly convenient auto post system. THEY WILL NOT HELP YOU! Their web site customer service is a virtual auto system (NOT A REAL PERSON). The people with customer service are trained to lie to you.

Monetary Loss: $87.


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Do not believe them even if they say they cancel your order.If they steal, who not lie.

I am still getting charges from them after i was assured it was canceled. Watch your bank statement. They just change their name and charge again.



Can someone give me their number & e-mail address. I need to sort this *** out.



oh no!too late!

just fell for this 15 mins ago!what should i do?


Everyone please make sure you put a complaint in with your bank. If enough people complain then something may be done about it , if no one complains, nothing will be done and these scammers will continue scamming and robbing people


I have also been caught in this DazzleWhite and Shimmering White scam to the tune of presently over 200.00.I also canceled right after putting in my credit card number and realized that something was wrong.The original cost of these free trials were 2.95 for one and 4.95 for the other right after my credit card number was taken it jumped to 12.95 and 14.95 but now they already had my cc number.

I called them right away and was told that it had been canceled. My bank is now involved and we are going to try and resolve this once and for all. I will not pay these costs,even if it means not having a credit card for the rest of my life. And if by chance it is not resolved to my satisfaction I will make sure the world knows about it, I will use Facebook You Tube and Twitter will let as many people as possible know.

Can we SUE these companies??

for the all the stress that they are causing.I am really mad at myself for falling for this and even madder at them for doing this.


:) I disputed with my credit card company and realized today most of my funds have been returned.I'm so happy!

I can finally register for my next semester in school! Seriously, take these guys out of business... Use the paypal one time use credit card and order a bunch of free samples (closing the card right after transaction). You're not breaking any rules by doing so.

Just getting your free sample and ensuring your card isn't charged extra.

True it is a one time credit card, but the company can use it up to 3 times once close it right after in paypal.


:cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry :cry these theives have robbed me - whatever you do, DO NOT give them your credit card details


:-( these teeth whitening free trial are a HUGE SCAM.The sole intention is to take money from you under false presences.

NOTHING about it is free, it will COST you a great deal of money, time, stress and make you feel like a FOOL. They bluff you into thinking they want your credit card details to ship your "free" item but once they got your details they start taking £55 every month and even sign you up to some of there other offers.

I cancelled within seconds of realising but it was too late and they make it impossible to get your money back.i have lost about £90 so far and i am unemployed so its money i dont have, trying to get a CHARGEBACK from my credit card company :( :( :( :(

Nis, Vojvodina, Serbia #95198

I am so angry :( I opted for the free trial not knowing that i was commiting myself to a monthly charge.My debit card was deducted £55 on the 8th dec and then today 15th dec for another £55.

I cant get through on the phone but now have an email confirming this crappy scam has been cancelled.Right before christmas its just not right at all.

I hope that something is done about this for the sake of all of us!!


Dazzle Smile can suck big one.they dont care about the people.

they just wont the money. ITS A SCAM.

dont fall for Dazzkle white go suck one.!!!!!!

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