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I've seen the add for teeth whitener from Dazzle White Pro and the trial was free with a shipping charge of only $3 and for 14days. I ordered the product to UK and found the shipping charge $9 charged to my credit card along with an exchange rate conversion of £3. The explanation given was that it is outside US. I didn't complain. The product is useless.

After one month I see a charge of $59 and additional charges of $9 and £3 for exchange rate conversions. When I enquired with Dazzle White, they are telling that the terms and conditions of the trial period mentions that I'll be charged this amount after the trial period if I don't cancel it by calling their customer care.

This is cheating. They have hidden this information somewhere and now they are saying they can't refund as the product is already shipped. They agreed to cancel any future charges.

They are big cheaters. There is warning message against this fraudster all over internet, I should have checked it before trying out. Please beware of this fraud company.

I've also asked my bank to blacklist them.


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So SO So SO Sorry that I didn't know about this site.

So So So SO amazed that I fell for this.

I'm usually far more cautious.

The ad was awful, but it sure got the job done -- on all of us!!.

It is a scam and exploitative.I have nothing to add to the terrible stories other than my own which is second, third, fourth verse, same as the first; a little bit louder and a little bit worse.


i to answered pop up ad (how dumb) i cancelled as soon as i got sample,was given cancellation # and thougt it was over.i was also told part of the system would be "drop shipped"from supplier and would cost 3.95 xtra.this shipper was given my cc# and immediatly charged an additional 120.00 to be a member of something.i called these people and was advised the person i was talking to was the owner and only employee!she told me they had no way to return charges and had never returned a charge!now back to smilewhites pro,i was given a cancellation # and told they were sorry.well,they SWP charged my card an additionl 149.50 after 7.95 shipping for FREE trial order.i called them back and was told they didnt give CANCELLATION #s!im out nearly 200.00$ changed my credit card # and NOW they are threatening me for changing cc#!


Does anyone out there know the real corporate name of the seller of the DazzleWhite products? Only a "doing business as" name with no address appearing anywhere appears on their literature. They only supply theor telephone number


I have been similarly defrauded, and have started the process of disputing the charges through my bank.I obtained a new card number but not before a number of charges were posted in additon to the original $3.00 charge.

Visa needs to spend the time and money to investigate and press charges through various sate consumer protection agencies.I have no intention of paying the Visa bill that incorporates these charges.


I have asked for my refund because I have not received any product from the company and they have take over £100.00 from my account.I have now cancelled my account and still they have not refund my money.

They did not explained the terms properly and I think they should be not be trading.My bank account was overdrawn and I had yo pay all that back.


I thought I could outsmart their scam and try Dazzlesmile!!!I cancelled 3 days after ordering and shipped dazzlesmile back 8 days after I received it!!!

they received dazzlesmile back in 13 days with tracking number, but I still was charged $87.62 even though it cost $7 to ship s*** back!!! I finally had to cancel my credit card!!!

I wish I were a lawyer!!!Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


I have just had to cancel my credit card on Xmas eve after falling for this scam. I recieved one poor product but have been charged 4 times now totalling over £200! Please dont let anyone else fall for this!


seems as tho we have all been scammed by the same out fit goning by different names i have dazzle white sup smilebright sup world fit ultifreshwell for a total of 198.68 and you cant send back a product you havent received . they give you different numbers and run arounds i am pissed


I think we should sue these people! I used my dad's credit card and now being charged every month for items I never ordered nor received! Is there another way way of tackling this rather than canceling the CC?


Gavin and everyone else, Dont beat yourself up about the terms and conditions, although they are on the site 2 things a wrong with them, one they are no made clearly visable and 2 they are only there once you have made payment.As with the shipping ***, all the way through the process of paying for the item, its free shipping and a 99 cents if i recall cost, once you have paid for the item ( they now have your details ) a receipt page comes up saying that its actually $11.94.

Since I purchased it online, I have received only 1 pen yet have been charge almost $600 in 6 to 8 weeks, ranging from prestine health, world fit, healthsmart, and few other names. Charges range from $10 to $100 at a hit + your exchange rate. If you have fallen for this I suggest to do what I did, Cancel CC and raise dispute with your Bank. They already know about this and you WILL get your money back you just have to wait 5 to 6 weeks.

Australian Fraud Office is already investigating them with the help of consumer affairs internet fraud section.

Use any medium you have to tell anyone and everyone, if you use facebook, myspace or anything like that, you should have a means to get the message to a lot of people.If they call you regarding the none payment of item you never received or that they cant get the money out of your acct, simply tell them to *** off and hang up.

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