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I sent for a free trial from Dazzle White (just pay shipping). After the 3 or 4 dollars was deducted from my bank account a further $87.62 was deducted.

I called to complain "But it's in the fine print-buyer beware"-However sice I had not opened the package yet I had a chance at getting my money back. "Dazzle White said we'll refund your money if you send the product back unused, unopened within the correct time frame, if you pay tracking and insurance." I did as asked but still did not receive a refund. I called and they asked for the tracking number which I did not have at the time.

Still trying. Next stop the bank fraud department.

Monetary Loss: $87.

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There's that #*@!$x%!!!! standard letter again. Bogus.


Now I'm really pissed off. This company has given me the run-around today. I spoke to 4 representatives and 2 supervisors. It was acknowledged that I did return the product unopened and on time, they were able to find the tracking number in their system.

They did 'try' to refund the money to my bank but apparently due to some 'internal fault' the funds did not go through. The first supervisor, Jackie ID#154230, said that instead of them refunding the money I should go to my bank and dispute the charge and then the bank could recover the money. My bank declined because it has passed 60 days since the purchase. (When I first called to find out why the refund had not been processed I was asked for the tracking number but I did not have it at the time. (Then I was out of the country and am just now taking it up with Dazzle White again- though they should have already processed the refund.) I called back and spoke to the second supervisor, Anthony, who said that since 120 days had passed there was nothing they could do...but 120 days haven't passed and as he didn't bother to do the math he was just giving me a story- And another story he gave was that "there has been a merchant change" so he was unable to process my refund any other way (refund check).

When Anthony said there was nothing he could do, I said that his company was very unscrupulous and that I wondered how he could live with working for such a company. I also said that I planned to file a small calims lawsuit which would end up costing the company more than $87.62. He said I could do whatever I wished.

This scheme has been designed by very clever people who have studied bait and switch tactics and have created a series of narrowing hoops. Why else would there be so many angry people who have tried to get a refund and fallen foul of this company's runaround. They get you to jump through a series of hoops with deadlines that run out because they stall you.

And Angela Parmely sent out a standard text that did not start to address my complaint and now, having come up against a barrage of tactics (about which I had until now only read), the company has the gall to say "Your satisfaction is our number one concern".

Folks, don't send for free trials, ever.

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