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It started with $1.95 free trial from HEALTHSMILE-866-825-7477 and $.99 free trial from IMPROVE HEALTH-888-219-4353 charged on my Mastercard!!!After receiving Dazzlewhite-866-948-5508 or Dazzlesmile-888-948-5508 I was charged $87.62 by ULTIFRESHWELL and $92.37 by BRITETTH for Smilebrite-877-804-3670 on my Mastercard even though I paid $ 14 to send products back with tracking numbers!!!

Sent dazzlewhite back in 13 days ,they received it Oct.13th!!! called back Dec. 10th-2009 and they wanted tracking number again!!! The scam is they want your credit card number and hope you lose the proof to get your refund!!!

I've been working months on this refund!!! I guess I'll have to give up coffee because it stains my teeth!!! lol!!! I would like a class action suit against these clever scam artists!!!

I was lucky I kept all info!!!Thanks


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No I think you are FU**ing confused!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


There is confusion on my part why y'all are letting my teeth yellow while y'all are ripping people off!!!Assbrite and retired in georgia!!!


Assbrite and retired in georgia is going to have a merry Christmas whether my teeth yellow or not!!!!lol!!!


Assbrite and retired in Georgia wants to know who will help him get his money back from Dazzlesmile or Dazzlewhite!!! I have receipt of cancellation and receipt of when dazzlesmile got product back!!! I want to know how the h*** one can get a 14 day free trial when dazzlesmile starts counting when you order product, which is not a 14 day free trial in my book!!!


I failed to see return unused portion of product back for a reund!!! How can a free trial not use the product ,but I was told to send unopened product back for refund!!! Y'all have so many ways to scam people it's absolutely ridiculous!!!


I will report this to BBB and Federal trade commission!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


Dpizzo, I finally got a refund from Britesmile, but Dazzlesmile or Dazzlewhite who the *** knows still hasn't refunded me until I gave them the tracking number the second time!!!It's the *** principal of the matter that bothers me on how somebody can run an operation like this and not a d*** soul cares!!!

Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!I need to start a business like this, I'd be rich!!!


Did you eventually get your money back? I filed a complaint with the Better Business Bureau.


Thanks Heather, Linda, Edwina,the list grows longer!!! I would like the interest on my money back for 3 months use from my free trial of Dazzlesmile!!!Thanks, Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


Assbrite and retired in Georgia hasn't heard from about Dazzlesmile scam!!!I'm waiting!!!

Maybe there is nothing we can do!!!I think I'll get into the scamming business!!!

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