email address .Isent a request for a trial of Dazzle White but have to write to,a

Manchester UK address

in order to cancel

this product did not do as I'd hoped .

i believe it is a scam.If they are abroad why did it pretend the person on the Ad is from my county Loudon Tn?I also sent for the trial product that was suggested to use with it I found when that was sent the full charge was also on credit card Nov.11th I complained and was told it was not the proper company then when I sent email was told it had been cancelled but he charge is still on my debit card.my bank said I could not do anything about it

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If there is confusion about your subscription we honestly didn't mean to inconvenience you!!! I'd like to take that confusion and cram it up all the customer support people's a**es and here them scream like a pig!!!

lol!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia and I am one that got his refund in about 3 months but still not satisfied because they still owe me for interest and aggravation!!!


All these free 14 day trials are a clever scam!!! I wish some honest person would help all of us depressed ripped off people!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


That's who f****d me!!! ULTIFRESHWELL!!!LOL!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


To the Dazzle White/Premium White/Brite Smile...or whatever the *** you are...customer support,

Stop sending your Bulls*** to this and other consumer complaint sites. You say the same BS, but don't mean a dam word of it. P*** OFF!


That's the scam ,they have so many names and phone numbers you can't trace them!!! The only way I kept up with them is to log info on phone numbers I called!!!Data from cancellation notice on my computer charge and info such as phone numbers and ULTIFRESHWELL was one charge on my Mastercard for $87.62+ phone#!!!

I kept up with all info and it still took me 3 months to recover my money!!!

I hope this helps!!! Assbrite and retired in georgia!!!

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