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Unless you can afford to have $79.28 charged to your account every month, don't take advantage of any free offers from Dazzle White. It is ridiculous trying to get this company to stop sending product or stop charging your account.

BEWARE! The number listed on your statement isn't even a valid phone number for this company. If you are having a difficult time reaching Dazzle White because they continually charge YOUR account, the number is 866 528 6214.

I highly recommend that you document any conversations that you have with this company and even that has not worked for me.

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I tried this trial from Dazzlewhite on the 5th. of Oct.

09 we are now into Jan. 2010 and so far nothing has been refunded, now owe over 200.00 that I have no intention of paying.

This is not fair, As soon as I realized I had been had, right after I had entered my ccard # I called to cancel and the rest is the same as most of you even the local person advertising for them, that's what convinced me, hey this is local ok. Would really like to know how to check out these companies before ordering, want to share.


Yep,,, I also was scammed as after canceling.. received a new charge of $24.13 from SUP**WORLDFIT whom I did no business with.

Had to close account to make sure this does not continue. Close your accounts fast!!


Same thing just happened to me - they are into me for almost $400! And all I got was the little "Risk Free" trial sample - have had charges from 4 different company names.

This company is the worse I have ever run into - they take your calls and bs you all the way! Nothing but a scam and I am disappointed in facebook and any other companies that let them advertise on their sites.

This is the first time I ever fell for a scam like this and will be the last - no matter what that person says about us misunderstanding, they are also full of it - it is done purposely to trick you! I cannot believe the credit card companies let them get away with this either.


That's a joke!!! I've talked to customer service many times and I'm still waiting for a total refund of $396.40!

Single mother's can't afford to throw away that kind of money! I could have had my dentist whiten my teeth for $175! BEWARE of this FREE TRIAL offer.

It will turn into your worst nightmare! :sigh


They seem to think they follow the law, but how is it you can cancel yor order 3 days after receiving product and ship back 8 days after and still get charged $87.62, 2 months later still haven't gotten refund!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia

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