I applied for a free sample of Dazzle White with the understanding I would pay the shipping charge which was put on my credit card. I did not sign up for any further shipments.

I now have a charge of over $80 on my card. When I try to call the company I am put on hold and never get through. I have told the credit card company I will not pay this charge and have cancelled my card so these *&*&* scammers cannot continue to charge on that card. You can't find an address for these lousy jerks.

Don't get scammed by DAZZLE WHITE.

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i'm so distressed about this. i called the bank, they said they can't cancel it coz i authorized the dazzlewhite to withdraw my money from debit credit card! they asked me to look for their email address or contact number, when i went to the site, it was never existed...would anyone here have their email address or contact number just to prove that i did contact these idiots!


Tell your credit card company that you never received the products from them at all including the trial then they will reverse any charges.

then your card company can file a case and hopefully get after these crooks.

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #99017

Beware! Read the fine print.

After ordering Dazzle White I found out it was a scam. I canseled future orders that are automatically refilled (read the fine print). I was told that if I returned the product with in 14 days I would recieve credit. The hooker is they are hooked up with a third party and they keep billing your credit card.

The only way I was able to stop the monthly scam was to cansel my credit card.

I was not able to get the money back from the third party. These people should be locked up!



I was scammed by Dazzle While/Dazzle Smile/Premium White. I filed a fraud claim with my credit card issuing bank, and all the charges have been now reversed. First, make sure you get a cancellation number from Premium White (there is a cancellation phone line in their Terms and Conditions). Make sure to "Master Cancel" all subscriptions and membership programs. Then, cancel the credit card and get a new card issued. This will stop any further charges. Finally, file a fraud claim with the credit card company describing all the details. Do not return any samples. Claim that you never received any items from them. Then prove that you got a cancellation number. The credit card company can chargeback those unauthorized charges within a couple of months.

If you order Purely White, make sure you go to the Terms and Conditions to find a cancellation number and get a cancellation number. Also, send an email to Purely White customer service. (There is a customer service web site in their homepage.) Normally they will make a full refund within a few days.

I learned a lesson now. I will read all the fine prints before ordering anything. I wasted so much time and energy. Luckily I got all money back. But this should not happen to anyone anymore.


I was scammed recently by this company. I found out that you need a cancellation number to be able to get them to stop charging you. I also found that they have "subsidiary" companies that also start to charge you soon after you sign up for their "free trial". What they don't tell you is that your "two-week" trial actually starts on the day you sign up and ends 14 days later. It takes about a week to receive the product and another week to send back, so you'd be lucky to get a day out of the trial.

Get this; their sub-company that you never signed up for also requires you to track down and get cancellation numbers from or else (even if you've canceled your credit card) you are liable down the road... I feel so duped by these guys, I tell you. The only way to know what they do is if you go to their terms on their website and read through pages and pages of mumbo-jumbo.

Don't be fooled my friends. Remember to track down their sub-companies and cancel as you are liable. (Like I never had to loose weight before but I found out I was charged by a company that is for weight loss... they also have another company for acai berries...)

Best thing is to not sign-up for these products; as I'm sure all here agree; hindsight is 20/20


I am a victim also. 4 unauthorised credit card transactions, all under different company names.

I cancelled my card immediately & only realised id "subscribed" by reading complaint sites like these. My credit card company have informed me today that even tho my card has been cancelled, i am still liable for any further transactions relating to anything i have subscribed to.

This is appalling. They are also well aware of these companies and have so many customer complaints pending, so why on earth do they let them use credit card facilities on their scamming sites??????


We have wasted hours and hours trying to stop these crooks from continually charging us for "product" we do not want and did not order!!!

It is a nightmare!!!


Dazzle white is a big scam - they keep on charging the credit card under different services every month. I have been calling different 1-866 number since July 2009.

I was promised a refund of money a few months ago without any luck. The fine print these scamster talk about is not very obvious.

The screen does not give you an option to read and sign-off on the terms and conditions. I would definitely be part of the class - law suit against these scamsters.


Absolute thieves.

My comments and experiences are nearly identical to the ones above.

At all cost avoid these companies.

Kevin Daly


I got 2 trials...so far between dazzle & total white I have had $250 taken this fortnight & no address or phone to stop or send it back for either & when googled only scam complaints come up.

When phone it says closed no matter what hour I call & there is no email from them to me nothing on envelopes how the *** are you meant to contact them????? You are not obviously thats the scam!!!

I guess I best cancell all my cards too

& 4 the record I dont want either of these products it made no difference anyway




I tried this product also. Cancelled just like everyone else, But still waiting for my refund.

They keep telling me several different stories, it will take 5-10 days, 20 days, and I should recieve my refund within one week. Someone needs to put this company out of business.

They even hung up on me when I asked to speak to a manager. This company is beyond shady POS


beware of this company and avoid at all costs...they took large amounts from my account without my permission...they are past all moral sense and hopefully the authorities will be able to catch up with them and stop them before they swindle any more money from innocent people...its amazing how heartless they are with no sense of remorse at all.


I am still trying to get the charges removed from my account. The lady at my bank mentioned most of her disputed calls are about Dazzle White and Purely White SCAMS!

They screwed with the wrong guy, I have access to the radio airwaves, I will be warning everyone.


I too tried the dazzle white and total white and was charged but I made sure to send the stuff back exactly as they said and my cc company told me that yes in fact they have refunded both of my pymts. Maybe I was just one of the lucky ones.

I'm hoping there will be no more charges from this company after reading all of the horror stories. I don't usually buy things online-now I won't for sure!


I have been scammed, over $400 in one month, beware- contacted and cancelled credit card. Also getting my lawyer involved!

Tried to call, cancel by email within trial period without any success! I smell a class action law suit coming soon, everyone keeping searching to join in and put these *** scammer to death!


This is a scam. These are abysmal business practices, I expect lawsuits, hopefully class-action soon.

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