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We sent for the free trial,ordered for two shipments, then canceled. For the next three months we were billed, for e-books, which took two months to get canceled...with no refunds, depending on the customer service rep that you get on the phone.

At this point, I wouldn't buy Dazzle White if, they paid me to try it. There is no direct line to the company, only a customer service line that handles many different companies by toll free number.

They fail to mention, other products are included such as e-books, and non-refundable. Watch out for those so called FREE SAMPLE ***'S

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If you want a good report on this site, simply credit my account the $69.00, and then credit the e-book charges that were also done on the automatic monthly cycle...then, I'll gladly post a wonderful report on this site. As for calling 'customer service...after talking to them, four times over three months, I have determined that they should be renamed as 'Customer dis-service' as they are absolutley no help at all, except in quoting the initial customer agreement, and no one can credit anything on the e-book nonsense, or at least that is what they told me



All anyone has to do is read this train of complaints filed here, against Dazzle White to figure out, they are not much more than crooks hidding behind a keyboard. Their 'canned' response to your complaint is to contact customer service for a quick settlement...I have done that three times, over the last two months, and each time they cannot even locate the cancellation simply stating that 'it is not in our records'...if you read the train of complaints on this site, and dozens of others...who do you think is telling the truth?



Regardless of what Dazzle White claims they do with customer all comes down to them not living up to their sales pitch. Dazzle White made the Local TV station in Seattle last eveing channel 4, as the new SCAM in town. Misleading ads, bad billing practices and pretty much everything that you've heard bad about this company, was indeed confirmed...their FREE sample is indeed NOT FREE

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