Dazzle white gave my bank info to other companies who are charging my account for services I never recieved. I keep cancelling them only to find the next month yet another company I never and never received any services from are taking money from me.

I am a single over 50 adult who cannot afford this. I will have to close my account to stop this. The product is just a way for all these thieves to steal money. The ad also showed a girl saying she was from my city and her success story.

I bet she was also from your city. I will never order anything online again. I prat someone puts a stop to this so others won't have to make phone calls every month to cancel services they never recieved.

They do not refund your money and the customer service departments for these companies are very rude. Almost to say sorry ma'am we got you!

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Yep,,, I also was scammed as after canceling.. received a new charge of $24.13 from SUP**WORLDFIT whom I did no business with.

Had to close account to make sure this does not continue. Close your accounts fast!!


Tamika - you are full of ***!

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