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Ok, first things first....I think we all know that these scumbags are just day light robbers and as such there is very little you can now do to get your money back unless the card you used protects you from fraudulent or unauthorised transactions.

The important is to learn from this nasty exprience and move on. In the meantime what you MUST do is to close the affected account IMMEDIATELY and not rely on any refunds, because you are not likely to get it! By all means report it to the relevant authorities but don't wait forever.... before doing something about the affected account. In future when doing shopping on line, make sure that you use a card that can protect you againt fraud.

The US unlike UK has very lax policies on these type of transactions and that is why these scumbags will try it again and again, changing their name even when they get a slap round the wrist. so don't wait ... take action now to protect yourself against any potential future fraud...

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ZYou vare scammers, you should be ashamed of yourself! Never buy from these people no matter what, they will charge your credit card for all they can!!!!


Can anyone please tell me who is SUP*WORLDFIT. We were hit with this $23.14 charge as well but from a trial purchased through ForceMax.

Why is it though that these company's do not seem to care that an outside person is charging their customer fees for no product or service provided.

I apologize to you Thelma but if you want to provide good customer relations you would stop this company from hitting your customers accounts and then running because there is no way to get in touch with them.


I too got ripped off by this company.I tried the dazzle white and dermasil products and got dinged for $80+ on my debit card.

I cancelled and shipped the *** back only to discover $24.13 deducted yesterday for World Fit. I called the 800 # and they told me I didn't cancel my trial...what trial? I guess there is some fine print when you sign up for the dazzlewhite and dermasil. It's all bogus and some scam artist is making $24.13 off everyone who signs up.

I've gone back thru all my emails and not ONE says anything about World Fit but they are insisting it's on there. I'm filling out paperwork at my bank to get my $24.13 back.


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