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Your company is a rip off, charging me for a product I cancelled the order for 2 minutes after I placed the order. As you refuse to refund the money, I am going to track down the state in which you are incorporated, file complaints with the Federal and State level Better Business Bureau, contact every website on which you advertise, and have a friend who designes websites create one for which I and all those who have been ripped off by your company can put our reviews and experiences. Have a nice day, especially in this economy during which people need their money to buy food, and you steal it from them with scams and false advertising.

Monetary Loss: $90.

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I've finally cooled down, sorry for the cussing!!! These Bas***ds are so crooked!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


I don't think anybody in the State or Federal Govt. gives a S**t, because they are doing the same GD thing to us!!!

this is an absolute scam and I kept all the paperwork to prove it and the federales or staterales must not care because our govt. is corrupt as you can get!!!

Take that and stick it up your A** if that bothers you or F***ing do something about it!!! Assbrite and retired in Georgia!!!


I SO agree with everyone. I did exactly as they asked and I still received no refund. I’m LIVID!!! I’m going to see my state attorney…time to get a CLASS ACTION suite against them…we’d all sign it…who knows a good lawyer?? This is a totally illegal scam.

The website was referred, so I thought, by a reputable service I have…. I read NOTHING about price other than the 1.95 for the shipping of a trial sample. I looked everywhere for the hook…there was none. After I signed up, a window popped up with the - what I agreed to auto-delivery/payment….I NEVER agreed to that, it was NOT mentioned in the website I saw, it came up AFTER I ordered…the website I went to today is NOT the one I saw. It is TOTALLY Different and is much more explanatory…if I’d seen that website, I NEVER would have tried it….it was more than I could afford …and when I called to cancel, they told me what I got wasn’t a sample but the actual product I was buying, which was small like a lipstick tube..that I had 60 days to return but at the end of 30 days I would be charged 86.93 and when my pkg was returned and received, then they would issue a credit. I told her I was returning now.

I too called to cancel right away, got a #, and I returned the product with delivery confirmation, so they couldn’t say they didn’t get it. My paperwork and my phone call rep BOTH said I had 60 days to return…I returned in 30 days….they say the rules changed and they had no obligation to tell me that it was now 30 days..that what the rep said was wrong…that they go by there send out date, NOT my received date, which made me 3 days over the 30…The third time I called they said same thing, but also said there had been a 60 days guarantee but it ended in Sept….I originally ordered end of Oct and my paperwork, the website, the phone rep, ALL said 60 days then and that was after the fact…so what the F***…They were like ROBOTs when they talked, unfeeling, they all repeated this long speech ending with, we cannot issue a refund,…until they hung up on me….***!!! I want to ring their bloody necks!!!! Where do they get these cold hearted people to answer the phones… I don’t care how bad you need a job, how could good people go along with this scam to screw other people. I Curse all of them to bad karma, what you give is what you get…

Call your credit cards, your banks, tell them you had unauthorized payments, spread the word everywhere you can. I will put this on every Dazzlesmile, premium white rip off page there is and there is a lot…I wished I done a search first before buying, if I’d seen these pages I would NOT have bought it….. In this economy where we have to count our pennies to spend, where we need it for food… this is an unfeeling, cheating, horrendous thing to do to people……they are ripping us off.

Document everything, pictures of the website, record your calls, return with signed registered, delivery confirmation or signed insurance to make sure they get it and can’t refuse. Call your banks, attorneys, better business, credit cards, & state attorneys, etc. and from now on, ALWAYS do a search of a company before buying... It’s a shame we have to trust no one. It’s all about the money, and I’m SICK of it…these kind of people are NOT true Americans…what they are doing has got to be ILLEGAL!!

I found 3 phone#’s for them…2 are out of Aurora, CO and 1 on credit card statement is from OH, but they all reach the same place in CO. The address I returned to was: 22100 E. 26th Ave. #100, Aurora, CO 80019.

Tell Oprah, Ellen, and the Today show lady's, call your news stations, pass the word.


I totally agree that this company is the biggest scam around. Similar thing happened to me.

Before I knew it they took 2 lots of $87 out of my account. I then returned the 2 packets of Dazzle White for my refund. Then they said they received the product but it was damaged or the package containing the 2 samples was empty and they would not refund me the money.

What a SCAM they are running. if anyone reads this please submit your horror story about this awful company.


apparently all of the staff at this rip-off company has been trained to regurgitate the same b.s. spiel, guess they have to earn their blood money somehow


apparently Tamika cannot read, if she could she would comprehend the facts I stated already....big shout of of "NO *** SHERLOCK" to Tamika...


no kidding I can ask for a refund, I did and was refused. I cancelled the order immediately after placing it, received an e-mail confirmation of my cancellation, and the product was shipped anyway. Therefore, I wrote return to sender on the envelope, and returned it. I was told that your shipping facility put a different address on the package than that from which the product was shipped, (fraud) and that you did not receive it back yet. Then I spoke to someone on the phone, who stated that the prior customer service person made a mistake, that the warehouse address was correct. Tomorrow I am contacting every agency possible, Better Business, the agency that processed the credit payment, my bank, and Division of Corporations as soon as I track down which of your many names this subsidiary is filed under and in which state.

And, will also do a search and contact each and every site on which your product is advertised and notify them of your company's dubious business practices so they may have the option of declining to advertise your product enabling your company to further rip off innocent consumers, starting with Plenty of Fish, as Marcus I am sure would not want any more of his subscribers to be subjected to this.

Have a nice day, I started off nicely, I thing over two months is long enough to wait for a refund, and if I am not going to get my money back, I will do whatever I need to bring public attention to this situation as apparently I am not the only one duped.

However, if you should wish to provide me with a contact name of someone who can get their story straight, someone with any authority other than an ignorant customer service representative who cannot provide any assistance or the name and number of a superior, I as well as the rest of the general public would be more than happy to discuss the situation further.

I already cancelled, did not get the product, and never got a refund.

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